Hello, Humans!

Welcome to my website. I'm so happy you found me!


A little about me: I'm an author, lover of creepy-cute things (you know sparkly skulls and black unicorns and candles that melt and show skeletons), and an all around weirdo. I'm the happiest when playing with my kitties or exploring a haunted cemetery. I love YA books. If I could, I would live in one. Just not The Hunger Games. I want to live!! 

I've just finished the Brambles Series and am working on a dystopian series that will release sometime soon. It's super dark and I'm super excited.

If you want to explore more of my writing, check out my blog (in need of editing, don't judge me!):



It's full of ghost stories and strange things. 


Thanks again for stopping by. Enjoy the Brambles Series. I loved writing it and I hope you love reading it.